Princess Ashley & Trina Braxton Reality TV Star

Princess of South Carolina


50% - On stage Introduction and confidence - Must include name, age, title and interesting fact about their county.

50% - On Stage Question and stage presence - List of questions will be send to all participants 30 day prior to competition. Questions will be randomly selected on stage.

25% Fundraising efforts - (includes ticket sales, program book ads and general donations) One (1) point for each $1 raised above the mandatory program ad and ticket sales participation requirement to be a County Princess. For example. County Princess raises $200 = 200 points x 25% = 50 points for Fundraising efforts.

25% Community Service/Appearance with crown/sash - Documented Presentation of the Princess’ community services/appearances must be submitted in a folder. One event per page with date, name, location and other pertinent information listed.This includes church events, school events, community activities, appearances, etc. Five(5) point for each activity. For example Princess participates in 10 events during her reign. Ten(10) events =  50 points x 25% = 12.5 points for community service/appearance.

​​​​​The MBSC Princess program is designed to introduce young ladies, ages 5 through 13  years of age, to the Miss Black SC program to help them understand that developing self-confidence, poise, grace and public speaking skills are some things they can begin preparing for at a young age.  It allows them to work closely with the Miss Black SC Queens who will serve as their role models and mentors through community service.

Miss Black International

Jr. Teen Jaisha & Actor Wesley Jonathan aka "Sweetness"