Ages 14 - 19
No children
Single, never married
High School or GED
Minimum GPA 3.0 

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Competition Judging Criteria 

Perks for being Miss Black South Carolina

  • Summer Internship $1000 Stipend with sponsoring organization
  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Official Photoshoot
  • PR Package
  • Weekend Getaway Package
  • Talent Management Talent Sponsor
  • Prizes determined by sponsors and are subject to change

Miss Division

Princess age 5 - 13, noncompetitive on stage performance and introduction.

45% Personal Achievement Interview/Portfolio

20% Personal Platform Introduction

20% Talent Presentation

15% On-stage Question in Evening Wear


Teen Division

Ages 20- 28
Single, never married
College student or 2 years beyond high school with minimum GPA 3.0

Perks for Teen Miss Black South Carolina

$500 Cash prize

Official Photoshoot

PR Package

Travel package

Prizes based on sponsorships and are subject to change.

Talent Management by Talent Sponsor