Ages 14 - 19
No children
Single, never married
High School or GED
Minimum GPA 3.0 

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Princess age 5 - 13, noncompetitive on stage performance and introduction.

Teen Division

Perks for Teen Miss Black South Carolina

$500 Cash prize

Official Photoshoot

PR Package

Travel package

Prizes based on sponsorships and are subject to change.

Talent Management by Talent Sponsor

Competition Judging Criteria 

Perks for being Miss Black South Carolina

  • Summer Internship $1000 Stipend with sponsoring organization
  • $500 Cash Prize
  • Official Photoshoot
  • PR Package
  • Weekend Getaway Package
  • Talent Management Talent Sponsor
  • Prizes determined by sponsors and are subject to change

Miss Division


Ages 20- 28
Single, never married
College student or 2 years beyond high school with minimum GPA 3.0

45% Personal Achievement Interview/Portfolio

20% Personal Platform Introduction

20% Talent Presentation

15% On-stage Question in Evening Wear