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Miss Black South Carolina

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In 2010 the Miss Black South Carolina program was developed to provide women with the opportunity to showcase their talent, poise, and grace. The success of the Miss Black South Carolina competition has created the opportunity to go International as Miss Black International.  MBSC and MBI exist to provide women  all of color the opportunity to develop their social etiquette and leadership skills through pageantry.  

Miss Black South Carolina

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​​Participating in Miss Black International is an opportunity to walk away with life-changing skills, enhanced social decorum, public interview skills, educational opportunities, and professional connections.  As a career and education focused program, titleholders promote platform topics that are relevant to their career or educational goals. Women of all ages can use pageantry as a resource to develop, cultivate or launch their career. Whether she is like Diane Sawyer, who dreamed of being a news anchor or Oprah who uses her voice to impact people's lives or an entertainer like Beyonce who used her pageant talent to launch her singing career.  Whatever the dreams are, pageants can lead to doors opened in a wide variety of fields, ranging from politics to entertainment. 

Miss South Carolina Black International aka as Miss Black South Carolina is an official state preliminary of the Miss Black International competition!